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How to Make Luggage Lighter

Portable Clothes Hanger Dryer

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If you are traveling and want to pack lighter in order to avoid a fee for checking a too-hefty bag at airport, this is a perfect product you need.
In most cases, clothing is a major factor that increases the weight of our luggage. Therefore if you can bring a portable clothes dryer during the trip, you can carry less backup clothes. Our Portable Clothes Hanger Dryer is what you are looking for.



The property of lightweight makes it easy to carry. Powerful PTC heater and good thermal effect making dry a clothe within 3 hours. Over-temperature protection, high temperature resistant flame retardant material solve the safety problem. Special clothes rack design makes the clothes straight after drying without ironing.

Rated Voltage: 110v/220v
Power: 150w
Weight: 349g
Color: White/Red/Silver/White+Stainless
Material: ABS plastic + Flame retardant ABS plastic/ABS plastic + Flame retardant ABS plastic + Stainless
Size: 40*7*20cm
Work status: Red light on
Standby status: Blue light on
Working pattern: cold and hot wind switch.
Features: Detachable, convenient to carry
Suitable for: small thin clothes;suits, coats, dresses, dust coat, jacket and T-shirt,etc.
Automatic power off after 3 hours

1. 3 hours fast drying clothes.
2. Convenient to carry, can resolve clothes drying requirements such as travel, tourism, family clothing care.
3. Set regular clothing care functions, including: moistureproof, mouldproof, moth-proofing, sterilization and resistance smelling.
4. Adopt ceramic heating tablets (PTC) heating technology moderate heat dissipation, low power and good thermal effect.
5. More safety protection: the built-in microcomputer protection, 3 hours automatic switch cold and hot wind;
6. Protection against overheating temperature control system;
7. Using high temperature resistant flame retardant materials;



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